Brian Baldridge values agriculture jobs

Good Jobs

A community leader and seventh generation farmer and agricultural business owner, Brian Baldridge knows what it takes to keep and create jobs. He will cut excessive government regulations and red tape that cost jobs and slows our economy to pave the way for the creation of new jobs.

No Common Core

Brian Baldridge will fight for more state funding, not more state mandates. He supports less state testing and more local control, so teachers can teach and students can learn. He is opposed to Common Core.

Fight the Drug Epidemic

As a firefighter/paramedic, Brian Baldridge has been on the front line and witnessed firsthand the devastation illegal drugs have had on southern Ohio. He will work with state and local leaders to develop comprehensive solutions to the drug crisis. Baldridge supports tougher penalties for drug dealers and securing our border to stop the flow of narcotics.

Defending Life

Brian and his wife Lori raised their children to respect the sanctity of life. Brian will always defend the unborn and will oppose all proposals to use tax dollars to fund abortions – 100 percent of the time.

Protecting Our Rights

Hunting and target shooting are traditions passed from one generation to the next. Brian Baldridge is an outdoorsman and member of the NRA who will always protect our constitutional freedoms, including our 2nd Amendment rights.